Drainage and Water Management


Drainage systems are a great way to

Keep water away from your foundation
Prevent flooding in basements and crawlspaces
Protect painted areas and exterior stained surfaces
Reduce erosion in your yard

French drains work by dispersing excess ground and surface water, preventing it from penetrating or damaging your foundation. They are also installed behind retaining walls to relieve ground water pressure which could create unstable soil and damage to the wall. Central Alabama is known for its abundance of hills and sloped yards. French drains offer an easy alternative to keep groundwater away from your home or business’ foundation. These work great in combination with your gutters to prevent erosion and residual water buildup. We even do the trenching work required.

Large or small, water features are a great way to add serenity to a backyard, while creating dimension and a beautiful focal point to your landscape. The tranquil sound of a trickling waterfall is a great way to unwind after a long day, and most can be built to work in any size space. Ponds can increase the value of your home, add to the enjoyment of a home’s outdoor space, and since a garden pond takes up lawn space, there will be less you have to water and mow. A custom garden pond doesn’t take a lot of hard work to maintain, the only real maintenance being to keep the filter clean so the pump does not have to work too hard, and occasionally add water to compensate for evaporation. We will create a custom plan for the shape, location, and water flow of your pond to avoid stagnant areas and also for aesthetics.

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